Graduation Garb

Hey my fellow fashionable intellectuals!

So, May and June are always graduation season! I too recently graduated with my MBA and my MS, so I thought I would share my graduation outfit choices from this year and from my Bachelors last year!


Dress: Shein (sold out there but I have seen it on amazon before)

Shoes: Steve Madden


Dress: Calvin Klein (TjMaxx)

Necklace: With flowers in her hair

Shoes: Nine West (Macy’s)

I always choose a dress that is light and flowy. Living in Massachusetts you never know when the weather is going to cooperate with the plans of the day!

Here are some things to think about when your planning your graduation outfit:

  1. Outside or inside?
  2. Will it be on grass or a hard surface. Grass will limit your shoe choices to wedges, flats, and chunky heels like my Steve Maddens above.
  3. Humidity (for your hairs sake!)
  4. Temperature (Last year the same time of the year was sweltering and mid 80’s, this year it was rainy and cold! Always be prepared!

And lastly, remember to savor the moment! You worked so hard for this achievement, make sure to take it all in, enjoy your parties, and then take over the world! 🙂



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