Fashionable Friday July 15th


Hey lovelies!

I hope everyone has been having a productive summer week, and also took some time to stop, relax and enjoy this weather we only get for a few months! Fall is my favorite season, but I do love summer because of the styles. The relaxed boho, the ability to wear pretty dresses without my legs getting cold, its a great season! I love the fact that dresses are so simple but whenever one is worn, everyone is impressed. “Wow you really dresses up today!” I put on one article of clothing…so no not really. But there is something about dresses that makes people go “Wow she really put in some effort today.” And I LOVE that. Maybe it is because people don’t really wear them often. Anyways! Here is my fashion post of the week! Enjoy 😀 



Headband:  DSW (clearance!)

Dress: Shein – Link to the website 

Earrings: Wish App 

Enjoy the weekend and share your fabulous fashions, or plans below!


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